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In September 2017, Accéntuate acquired PentaFloor – a milestone that provides Accéntuate with a product category in flooring that is not currently in its repertoire, and will add significantly to the overall business positioning. PentaFloor's CEO, Bianca Shakinovsky, comments that the move allows for a superb synergy as PentaFloor will contribute significantly to Accéntuate's infrastructure division by adding value to buildings through its high-quality product and service offerings; and by bringing on board additional management talent with vast experience in the field.

“All our brands have been serving the networking environment jointly for more than 60 years,” Shakinovsky says. “Over this time, our industry experts have been innovating, developing and designing systems in close collaboration with end-users, to meet the high expectations and requirements of clients and professionals alike in an ever-evolving data and networking environment.”

According to the Accéntuate Integrated Annual Report 2017: “This acquisition provides Accéntuate with another product category in flooring not yet in its repertoire, which given market penetration, will add significantly to the overall business positioning. Access flooring is used in commercial developments to meet the requirement of underfloor infrastructure and cabling… The Pentafloor business is complementary to Accéntuate's FloorworX division and will add to the depth of management. Aside from natural synergies that can be extracted, Accéntuate will benefit from exposure to the growing access flooring market.”
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PentaFloor is a leading supplier in the access flooring market in South Africa, and owns the Lafarge Access Flooring, Solidfeel and Pentafloor Access Flooring brands. Pentafloor is also the sole South African agent for Shaw Contract, a leading global commercial flooring company. Dedicated to furthering sustainable development in Africa, PentaFloor's access flooring, vinyl and carpeting products have been specified in projects throughout Southern Africa and the EMEA region.

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