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Why it is wise to use access flooring within your server room?

Why should you use access floors? What are access floors? This is a term that you may not be entirely familiar with, but it is a term that you should know more about if you are in a work environment.

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How often should you maintain your access flooring?

When it comes to maintaining your access floors, only the best will do. You do however have to know what you are doing, considering that incorrect maintenance will result in damage to the floor and it being rendered obsolete. This is the least desirable outcome, simply because you will have to spend a lot of money on coming up with a replacement.

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Floor Access Systems

You may have heard the term floor access system before, you may also not have. Either way, it is definitely something that you should look at getting, especially if you own a business.

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The Advantages of a False Floor System

There are so many advantages to installing a false floor system. The only question you might have is what exactly is a false floor system? Well quite simply it does what it “says on the box”.

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Floor Access Systems That Help You Keep Everything In Place

Here at Pentafloor, we want to provide you withthe best storage solutions in the form of our floor access system which the future of storing and maintain your server cables.

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The applications of an access floor

What is an access floor? It is one of the best tools that you can use for keeping your environment clean and safe. The reason that it does this is the fact that an access floor is a floor that is built on top of another floor that has a lot of cables or objects on it.

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An Access Floor after a simple gaze

What will a simple gaze tell you about a well-made access floor? Well very little, because a well-made access floor is likely to be something that is fairly inconspicuous and few access floors are as “covert” as ours.

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The Access Floor Benefits

The access floor from us here at Pentafloor is simply a smart product on so many levels and it comes with so many benefits. In terms of simplicity and effectiveness an access floor tops the charts ahead of all of other products designed to create order and organisations.

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Access floor is the way to go

Have you ever walked into an office space with a desktop computer at almost every desk yet there is an apparent lack of cables in and around the office? In such cases it’s likely the company have what we call access floors. Access floor are exceptionally useful in office spaces requiring protected spaces for cabling and mechanical accessories.

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An Access Floor is essential

The fact of the matter is that a professional company should have a professional access floor. Few things are less appealing to a potential customer than to walk into office space only to find cables and unprotected mechanics lying around.

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Floor Access Systems: All You Need to Know - 18/12/2013

Welcome to Pentafloor®! Today, we want to take the time to provide you with all of the information that you need to know about our floor access systems, and about access floor designs in general. So, before we get down to business, what exactly IS a floor access system?

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The Access Floor Components - 18/12/2013

In general, any access floor design has three main components. These components come together in order to provide the client with an access floor that is durable, reliable and that can offer the client excellent value for their money. Here at Pentafloor®, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the intricate design of our floor access systems.

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Access Floors That Are Raised for an Array of Applications - 02/12/2013

Access floors raised from the floor of a building offer a unique innovation in organisational, operational and storage schemes for your business. Access floors provided by Pentafloor® perform the function of improvement splendidly and our unfailing dedication to service excellence lends itself to our main goal: Access flooring for all businesses...

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The Access Floor Design - 09/12/2013

When it comes to the access floor design, we at Pentafloor® are the best known company in South Africa and beyond. With companies based all over the globe, we know what we are doing with regard to creating solutions for your server room. We have dedicated ourselves to perfecting our general design and we cannot wait to prove to you why we are the access flooring company of choice

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Access Floor Systems - 23/11/2013

Pentafloor® can provide your company with an access floor built to the highest standards, suitable to your specific requirements. To understand exactly what an access floor is, you need to know that an access floor can be provided everywhere and anywhere that there is a need.  It can also be referred to as a raised floor or as raised flooring. 

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Access Floors for Easy Wire Management - 28/11/2013

Access floor systems need to be manufactured to strict quality standards because of the nature of what is held under and above them. Fortunately, Pentafloor® is the leading access flooring company in South Africa with floors produced in an ISO 9001 certified production facility.

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An Access Floor for Telecommunications - 22/11/2013

With Pentafloor®, when you need an access floor installed to house all your telecommunications applications. An access floor available for general purpose use, does not address the special requirements needed for telecommunications applications.  The general types of access floors in telecommunications data centres include: stringerless, stringered and structural platforms.

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Floor Access Systems - 19/11/2013

Here at Pentafloor®, we specialise in the installation of floor access systems not just in South Africa, but all over the globe! As a result of this, we have become the most recognised and respected false floor system company out there. Our dedication and hard work has solidified our influence on the industry and we are now able to supply you with a floor access system that has been specially tailored to fit in with your personal needs and budget constraints.

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The Leading Access Floor Company - 18/09/2013

How do you know that Pentafloor® can supply you with the best solution when it comes to access floors? Well, for starters, our company is known and trusted the world over by companies of all types and sizes. Our access floors are famous for providing the ultimate in reliability, cost effectiveness and value for money! Floor access systems are excellent when it comes reorganising your company’s server room.

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The Access Floor Suppliers - 24/09/2013

Allow us here at Pentafloor® to supply you with an access floor for your server room that is truly beyond compare. If you want to eliminate the clutter and the chaos caused by cables in your company, then we are your solution!

Firstly, what is an access floor? Access flooring refers to a raised floor that has been specially designed so as to safely and efficiently house all of the wires and cables contained within in a computer or server room.

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The Ultimate Floor Access System - 01/09/2013

Pentafloor® is famous for providing people all over South Africa, and all over the world for that matter, with top quality floor access systems. What is raised flooring? What is a floor access system used for? Floor access systems are the ultimate electronic solution for your organisation. Access floors are flooring systems that place elevated tiles above the solid substructure of your current floor surface.

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The Server Room Flooring Solution - 08/09/2013

Are you sick and tired of having to deal with chaos on your server room floor? Flooring solutions are available here at Pentafloor®! We specialise in the sale and installation of access raised flooring for server room flooring in South Africa. These flooring solutions will eliminate clutter and confusion, and will also improve your company’s overall safety standards.

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Computer Room Flooring - 19/08/2013

Welcome to Pentafloor®, where we provide the computer room flooring solution for your business. If you are looking for an alternative solution for your electrical components and electrical wiring, a floor access system is the solution for you. We provide a wide range of solutions for your computer room flooring, including floor mats for your computer room and access floors for your electrical relay requirements.

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Access Raised Flooring - 21/08/2013

Access raised flooring is the ultimate electronic solution for your organisation and we, here at Pentafloor®, would love to take a moment to tell you about access raised flooring.
The floor access system is the way to go in many an organisation, but how does it work? What is raised flooring? A raised flooring system, also referred to as ‘access floors’, is a flooring system that places elevated tiles above the solid substructure of your current floor surface.

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Access Raised Flooring – The Solution You Have Been Waiting For - 24/07/2013

Welcome to Pentafloor®, where access raised flooring is what we do best! For unbeatable floor access solutions, you simply cannot do better than Pentafloor®. We are, after all, the raised flooring system specialists.Plus, installing access floors is affordable and efficient if you call on us. Our raised flooring system is cheaper, more durable and more convenient than any other solution on the market and we believe that access floors are the future of flooring!

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What is Raised Flooring - 03/08/2013

Are you wondering what is raised flooring? Here at Pentafloor®, we would love to tell you all about what is raised flooring and so much more! When it comes to floor access systems, you can count on us to provide you with the most comprehensive information in the industry. We are, at the end of the day, the leading provider of raised flooring systems in South Africa.

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What to Consider When Installing Access Floors - 11/07/2013

Pentafloor® is the home of reliable, high quality and cost effective access floors perfect for any server room flooring in South Africa. Today, we want to provide you with information relating to what one should keep in mind when one is installing access floors. So, here are our top tips:

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Floor Mats for the Office - 18/07/2013

Floor mats for the office are the ultimate accessories for winter. Here at Pentafloor®, we can supply you with the best antistatic floor mats for the office in the country! These are floor mats for the office that will help you to avoid those nasty static shocks. The best part? They are ultra affordable, endlessly convenient and a great addition to server room flooring!

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Antistatic Floor Mats for the Office - 04/07/2013

Winter is now upon us. Many will agree that the constant static shocks are one of the aspects of this season that we could all do without! Thankfully, Pentafloor® has developed a solution: antistatic floor mats for the office. These antistatic floor mats for server room flooring are so easy to use. All you have to do is place them on the floor and VOILA... no more shocks!

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Your Server Room Flooring

Is the state of your company’s server room flooring chaotic? If so, then you may want to consider access raised flooring for server room flooring here at Pentafloor®. What is raised flooring? According to A raised floor (also access raised flooring) or access floor(ing) (also raised access server room flooring) are types of floor that provide an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate (often a concrete slab) to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services.

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Server Room Flooring – An Innovative Solution

Here at Pentafloor®, we are proud to bring you the innovative for server room flooring: A raised flooring system. Raised flooring is the ultimate solution in flooring for equipment rooms, server rooms, call centres and computer rooms – to name but a few.

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The Computer Room Flooring Solution

Welcome to Pentafloor® – and welcome to the solution for your computer room flooring. We would, given a moment of your time, love to tell you about the cost effective electrical wiring solution for your office, computer room, server room or call centre. Here you will find the solution to all the wiring and routing problems in your computer room.

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The Best Flooring For Your Home or Business

Welcome to Pentafloor®, where we provide the best flooring for your home, business or office. We bring affordable flooring solutions – including eco-friendly options – to you! Our innovative and affordable range of flooring for specific use and purpose, as well our solutions for flooring in general, will meet all your flooring needs and requirements.

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Flooring In Your Office

Welcome to Pentafloor®, your one-stop solution for flooring in your office! No matter if your enquiry or need pertains to flooring in general or for a specific area or purpose, we will provide you with the access raised flooring solutions.

Our raised flooring system is cheaper, more durable and more convenient than any other solution on the market.

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Eco Friendly Floor Access Systems

Here at Pentafloor®, we are a floor access company that actually cares about the environment and makes a real effort to ‘go green’. We specialise in access raised flooring systems and can also offer you a range of antistatic floor mats for the office. When it comes to server room flooring floor access systems, we are the true professionals in South Africa.

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Access Floors: The Importance of High Strength Corners

If you want to assess the quality of access floors/access raised flooring in your office, then you should look at the quality of the corners before you do anything else. High strength corners are a necessity for all access floors for server room flooring. Here at Pentafloor®, our access floors are actually famous world wide for their high strength corners and durability - durability that very few other types of floor access systems will be able to match.

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Raised Flooring System for Server Room Flooring in South Africa

When you are in need of a new raised flooring system for your server room flooring in South Africa, always opt to make use of our services here at Pentafloor®. We have been focusing our attention on access floors and antistatic floor mats for the office for many years now, and this allows us to be able to offer you the best access raised flooring system in town!

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High Quality Floor Mats for the Office

In order to avoid those nasty static shocks completely this winter, why not opt to purchase quality floor mats for the office here at Pentafloor®? We have been specialising in antistatic floor mats for the office and access raised flooring in South Africa for many years now and can assure our clients of excellent value for their money. Antistatic floor mats for the office are ideal for server room flooring as there is plenty of generated static electricity there.

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Flooring in South Africa that can be trusted

You no longer have to look into importing flooring in to South Africa, simply so that you can have the best, trustworthy, reliable and long-lasting flooring in your home. Now all you need to do is visit Pentafloor®, we are well known for supplying functional computer room flooring for businesses all over the country.

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The best access raised flooring

An access raised flooring system is simply an elevated floor area upon another floor. These are speciality floors(access) offered at Pentafloor®, this combined with years of experience, research and discovery makes us one of the leading suppliers in the market. So if you are looking for the best yet affordable access raised flooring look no further than right here with us Pentafloor®.

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Computer Room Flooring

Pentafloor® can assist you in ensuring that you enjoy a functional work environment through our access floor systems and flooring for computer rooms (flooring that is made from the finest materials). And you get this simply by picking up your phone and getting in touch with one of our friendly and willing consultants.

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Flooring in South Africa

When looking for the best quality flooring in South Africa or when contemplating the design of the server room flooring in your business, you need Pentafloor®! We will not only supply you with top quality computer room flooring/server room flooring in South Africa, but we can also supply you with antistatic floor mats for your business. Yes, that’s right!

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Floor Access Systems From Pentafloor

One of the reasons why we here at Pentafloor® can supply you with the finest floor access systems in the country is the fact that we are partnered with the Shaw Contract Group. Did you know that the Shaw Contract Group is the global provider of carpet, rugs, hardwood, laminate, tile & stone, turf and services for residential and commercial markets? That it is the world’s largest carpet fibre producer? That it enjoys an annual income of $4 billion?

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Pentafloor®: Access Raised Flooring

What makes using access raised flooring systems such a good idea? Well, the modern office uses a large number of data cables, power cables, telephone cables, plumbing, electricity and air conditioning, right? Not only can this present Health & Safety issues, but also Office Managers can often need to re-arrange the office quickly and easily.

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Access Floors - Get Them Here

Allow the team here at Pentafloor® to supply you with access floor systems perfectly suited to enhance the efficiency of your already existing server room flooring. In South Africa, and the rest of the world, Pentafloor® is recognised for our outstanding service standards and our equally impressive products.

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Pentafloor®: Raised Flooring Systems

Pentafloor® is a company operating throughout the world and has enjoyed many years of great, well-deserved success. We are famous for our raised flooring systems that we place as a convenient part of your server room flooring. For flooring in South Africa that is truly flawless (get it?), Pentafloor® is the one and only place to be.

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Floor Mats for Your Company

We here at Pentafloor® sell floor mats for your company... with a twist. Our floor mats for server room flooring in South Africa are anti-static! But what is an antistatic floor mat for server room flooring, exactly?

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Carpets and Flooring in South Africa

Come straight to Pentafloor® for all of your flooring needs! We have the cream of the crop when it comes to top quality flooring in South Africa. From access raised flooring for computer room flooring to designer carpets and floor mats for the home, we truly have it all...

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Flooring for your business

When it comes to server room flooring, flooring for your business is important. Pentafloor® is one of the leading suppliers of high quality access raised flooring for business.We are constantly working to improve our services-this dedication has resulted in our company climbing the ladder of success even faster than we expected.

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Computer room flooring

For only the bes tcomputer room flooring for your business, then Pentafloor is the only place to be. Access floors are a must for any computer room flooring designs!Here at Pentafloor®, we make only the finest access raised flooring systems for computer room floors that allow you to work at your optimum without having to worry about wiring, electrical supply or cables.

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Superior access raised flooring

If you have ever wondered what is access raised flooring or if you would just like to know more about access raised flooring, come to us today so that we can answer these questions for you. An access raised flooring system is simply an elevated floor area upon another floor.

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The best server room flooring

Here at Pentafloor® quality server room flooring is our areas of expertise. The raised server room flooring was developed to provide the following.

  • A distribution system for conditioned cold air
  • Conduits for power cabling
  • Tracks, conduits, and/or supports for data cabling

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Floors that support today's business environment

Pentafloor®/SolidFeel® Access floors present a practical copportunity to economically accommodate the service distribution changes demanded by today’s workplace. Use of access floors throughout an entire office building is the key – not only to flexibility, but also to the ability to forestall building obsolescence.

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Cable Management - Keeping the office alive

If a company has a huge requirement for the use of hi-tech equipment in its office, all of which demand the use of extensive cabling and communication systems, the professional design and installation of a custom-made access flooring system is the modern answer, but not every company has this need, says PentaFloor® Access Flooring.

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Pentafloor® acquires SolidFeel

Pentafloor® CC has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SolidFeel® Access Flooring (Pty) Limited, to form what it describes as being a one-stop shop for all access flooring and related flooring accessories.
It means that PentaFloor will be able to supply under structure to match any finished floor height that may be required, in addition to providing on-site expertise in all areas related to access flooring, from the conceptualising phase right through to the installation and eventual servicing of existing flooring. All future production will be carried out at the new premises of PentaFloor® in Wynberg, Johannesburg.

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Smoothing the UNISA Registrations

The need to handle around 250 000 students registering for its
various courses each year induced UNISA to build the new Es’kia
Mphahlele Registration Hall, which opened recently on its Sunnytown
Campus in Walker Street, Pretoria.

To provide an efficient and easily accessible floor that would house
the data and communications cabling required for the numerous
computers used by the students to register, and to provide the flexibility
of layout and ease of maintenance required by this busy registration
centre, a raised access floor was specified.

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High-quality access flooring breeds satisfied customers

As one of the leading suppliers of high-quality access flooring
in South Africa, Pentafloor® enjoys strategic alliances with its
manufacturing channel, thus guaranteeing that it can deliver a costeffective
solution for any access flooring requirement.
Experts have applied their individual experience and expertise
into the design and manufacture of these unique patented products,
and over 1,4 million m² of Pentafloor® access flooring is produced
and installed annually, all over the globe.

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Why use Pentafloor?


  • Our solution to warped panels
  • High strength corners
  • Ultimate load capacity
  • Quality control
  • Green building “for a sustainable future”

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