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The SolidFeel® range of access floors has been specifically designed to cater for the demands and flexibility of today's highly technological business environment. SolidFeel® access floor systems, manufactured to strict ISO9001-2008 quality control requirements, are the ideal choice for new and renovated office space. Our systems conceal cables, wires, air ducting and other services; offer easy access for maintenance work and relocation of services; and are flexible enough to adapt quickly and easily to changing office furniture and equipment layouts.

The SolidFeel® access floor panels are designed to withstand heavy rolling loads and concentrated loads, often a requirement of computer room systems which need to facilitate the moving and placing of computers and other equipment. SolidFeel systems have the versatility of allowing panels with different load characteristics to be placed exactly where they are required within the same understructure.

SolidFeel® Access Floor Systems exceed all performance criteria without sacrificing aesthetics, acoustics, safety or stability. Floor panels are either cement filled (SolidFeel®) or all-steel open cell construction (Severn). Their innovative and unique designs are ideally suited to specific office, computer room or clean room applications.

SolidFeel® panels measure 600mm x 600mm. Panels are resistance welded before being filled with a cementitious fill. Each panel has square reinforcing pockets on the underside, which enhance the structural strength. The isotropic design, which is unique to the SolidFeel® panels, gives excellent load distribution properties. SolidFeel panels are non-combustible and coated with either powder coated or electro coated conductive paint.

SolidFeel® panels can be fitted into any SolidFeel® understructure and a wide range of floor coverings are available.
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Solidfeel® Access Floor System: SF RANGE® FROM SOUTH AFRICA

  • Isotropic design of panels – more welds for extra strength.
  • Excellent structural strength, good acoustical performance and quiet comfort under foot.
  • Solidfeel panels are totally interchangeable to fit on to any of the SolidFeel® understructure.
  • Positive lock between panel and head - Any tolerance or play in the understructure is eliminated when the panel is fitted due to positive lock between panel and head.
  • Multi purpose head makes changing between different systems easy and affordable.
  • Optional Electro-coat finish to panel and understructure ensures no zink whiskering in sensitive data environments

S/L - Snap Loc System

Used primarely in specialised environments, eg. Server and Data rooms. Lateral and system stability ensure that the removal and replacing of panels are easy and does not disturb the system as a whole.
Multi-Functional Head
Perimeter Head
Panel Loc Screws
Determines the FFL or FFH
Carries the stringer and levels out the floor by making small height adjustments.
Carries the stringers and panels at the perimeter to ensure a perfect fit.
A metal channel that clips over the head to add stability throughout the entire system.
A PVC strip that fits over the stringer to ensure that metal-to-metal noise is eliminated.
Isotropic tile that fits onto the heads of the system to provide the area of the raised access floor. Can be finished in various finishes or left bare for on-site coverings.
Secures the stringer, whether full or custom size to the perimeter head to finish off the room.