How Liquid Vinyl Flooring Will Change The Way You Approach Floors

For a very long time, linoleum flooring has ruled the roost as the go-to ground cover for commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, museums, and even gyms. But there’s a new technology that not only threatens to disrupt that trend but it also comes with plenty of other value-adds. One of the biggest of these value-adds is the fact that liquid vinyl in the forms that Pentafloor installs it, is completely sustainable.

The first iteration of the new vinyl flooring solution, Corques Liquid Lino, is made using all-natural components, including vegetable oil, linseed oil, wood and cork powder, limestone cork, and other natural materials. And the other, Ndurance is a biopolymer made up of 50% recycled material. These new forms of vinyl are specifically designed for green building and they are free of any Red List Ingredients, such as chlorine, PVC, formaldehyde, or heavy metals.

In fact, their eco-friendliness is of such high caliber that they comply with many eco-labels such as:

● Blue Angel (Germany)
● AgBB (Germany)
● Californian CDPH Standard Practice, also called Section 1350, often used for LEED IEQ specifications)
● Cradle to Cradle
● DIM / DICL (Construction products, Denmark)
● FloorScore (resilient floorings, USA)
● European “Flower” ecolabel
● Green Label by CRI (Carpets, adhesives, cleaners, USA)
● Green Tag label (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa)
● GUT (Carpets, Germany/Europe)
● Indoor Advantage by SCS (USA)
● M1 (Construction products, Finland)
● Natureplus (Sustainable construction products,
● Germany/Europe)
● Nordic Swan (Scandinavia)
● SINTEF (construction products, Norway)
● Swedish “byggvarudeklaration” (Construction products, Sweden)
● Umweltzeichen (Austria)

vinyl flooring

The A ⎼ Z of Liquid Vinyl

As a result of its newness in the South African market, some of the basics of what makes liquid vinyl flooring could come as news to some, but at Pentafloor, we always endeavour to find the most relevant flooring solutions from around the world. We believe South African businesses require high-quality flooring solutions that can stand the test of time.

Corques Liquid Lino and Ndurance are highly wear-resistant and have other practical properties, including:

● Skid-resistant version available
● The surface is simple to revitalise
● Self-levelling surface
● Stays flexible over time
● No cutting losses
● No adhesives required

Liquid vinyl flooring solutions

Further to this, both the liquid vinyl forms come with many standard colours, noise-reducing technology, chemical and stain resistance, are odorless, and anti-microbial in nature.

In fact, if you’re a stickler for details: Ndurance is considered more as liquid rubber flooring, while Corques Liquid Lino is more of a liquid linoleum solution. Both look and feel great underfoot, but they fall into distinct sub-categories of the liquid vinyl flooring classification.

Both can be employed in a variety of commercial and residential settings but require expert knowledge to install correctly. This is because of the unique nature of the flooring, requiring special equipment and experience in order to be correctly executed.

The finishings of the two vinyl installations should also be noted. Corques Liquid Lino is a matte finish liquid vinyl, with slight gloss, whereas Ndurance is the flatter matte finishing of the two.

One of the aesthetic benefits of liquid vinyl flooring lies in its avante garde ability to fit into any business setting, and create a warm, cozy and inviting ambience. It’s definitely a show-stealer from the moment someone steps onto it, until they exit.

Our Unique Installation Process

1. The concrete or screed is primed and levelled with a self-levelling smoothing compound for a flat and level surface. (We can install from 1m2 upwards)
2. All dust and other debris are removed using a brush or industrial vacuum cleaner, from the surfaces where the product is going to be applied.
3. A primer is applied to the entire surface area.
4. During installation the room must be at least 16 oC.
5. The product is applied to the entire surface area by trained experts and allowed to cure for 24 hours before anyone can step on it.

Why Your Vinyl Flooring Warranty Is Important

Once your liquid vinyl flooring has been applied, you want to know that it has been done correctly and that if there are any mistakes, you can have recourse with Pentafloor. You can rest easy knowing that both forms of the new vinyl flooring solution are backed by a 10-year warranty. The warranty covers standard manufacturer issues such that the product will:

● be free from manufacturing defects.
● not rip, tear, or gouge from normal commercial use.
● not permanently indent from normal commercial use.
● not permanently stain from common commercial use.
● not permanently scuff from shoe soles.
● not discolor from moisture or underlayment panels.

The warranty also stipulates a workmanship clause, whereby if you use an inexperienced installer for the liquid vinyl installation, the entire warranty is void. So, it’s in your best interest to let us put our 15 years of flooring industry experience to good use, and provide you with a hassle-free, warranty-backed, installation experience.

Each time new product offerings are introduced to the market there may be some initial trepidation in uptake. Our experience in the flooring industry has taught us many things, chief among them to trust the quality of our materials and the training of our installers. We are extremely thorough in analysing the materials we use to create your unique flooring solutions and make sure that our work is backed up by actionable warranties. Ultimately, the aim is to create a solution that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for you and your customers.

If you are interested to hear more about our new exciting liquid vinyl flooring solutions then please get in touch

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