Liquid Vinyl

Vinyl Flooring For Healthcare, Commercial & Residential Projects

Liquid vinyl flooring is the latest innovation in the Pentafloor range of flooring solutions. We provide two types of vinyl as premium interior ground cover: Corques Liquid Lino and Ndurance. Both are made of sustainable materials, with the Corques Liquid Lino being made of vegetable oil, linseed oil, wood and cork powder, and other natural materials. While, Ndurance is a biopolymer, mostly composed of recycled material. So, if you are looking for vinyl office floors that fit directly into green buildings then both these forms of flooring solutions are a great choice.

For the detail-oriented flooring enthusiast, the key difference between the two types of flooring as sub-categories of liquid vinyl floors is that Ndurance is better classified as liquid rubber flooring, whereas Corques Liquid Lino is liquid linoleum.

One of the aesthetic benefits of liquid vinyl flooring lies in its avante garde ability to fit into any business setting, and create a warm, cozy and inviting ambience. It’s definitely a show-stealer from the moment someone steps onto it, until they exit.


What Does A Liquid Vinyl Floor Look Like?

Aesthetics play an important role in what type of floor you choose for your building. You want it to look good and maintain those looks over a long period of time. It defeats the purpose of covering so much ground if you have to repeatedly do it in a short amount of time.

  • For a matte finish with a slight gloss and the ability to custom-make colours to fit your exact design specifications (in addition to a standard line of 54 colours), Corques Liquid Lino is the obvious choice.
  • For a flatter matte finish, with more muted tones as a result of the recycled materials used in its production, then Ndurance is better.

Liquid Vinyl Flooring Solutions


Why Your Business Needs Liquid Vinyl

Besides being one of the most eco-friendly, green-building-linked flooring solutions around, the advantages of vinyl flooring are numerous. Both Corques Liquid Lino and Ndurance are tough, flexible, and seamless. They can be used in offices, as vinyl floors in doctors’ rooms, in museums, hospitals, and are even suitable for residential surfaces. Both forms of liquid vinyl are perfect for interiors that demand high comfort, that experience high foot traffic and require high impact resistance.


10 Advantages Of Our Vinyl Flooring Solutions That Put It Ahead Of Linoleum

  1. Chemical resistant
  2. Highly stain resistant
  3. Noise-reducing
  4. Impact and indent resistant
  5. Odor-free
  6. Anti-microbial
  7. Wide variety of colours
  8. Based on renewable resources
  9. Easy maintenance
  10. Free of chlorine, PVC, formaldehyde, and heavy metals


Why Choose Pentafloor For Your Office Vinyl Floor Installation?

As one of the only companies in South Africa that specialise in installing flooring solutions from recognisable brands in the commercial and residential flooring industry, Pentafloor is in the best position to help you with your advanced flooring needs. Our installation processes are backed by 15 years of experience and the quality of our products, and workmanship is our bond.


FAQs About Our Unique Liquid Vinyl Solutions

  1. How long does it take for the liquid vinyl flooring to be installed?
    Both Corques Liquid Lino and Ndurance are walkable 24 hours after installation. The full chemical and mechanical properties will only be achieved after 7 days of curing at room temperature (around 15 ⁰C )
  2. Can I use vinyl flooring with underfloor heating?
    Yes, underfloor heating is possible with both Corques Liquid Lino and Ndurance.
  3. What is a good vinyl floor cleaner?
    A neutral floor cleaner is an advisable way to clean the liquid vinyl surface. Mostly you will want to remove dust, but if you want to have a wet clean, a neutral floor cleaner will have a pH level of 7 and there will be no damage to the surface of the floor. For more information, please refer to the maintenance instruction guide of each vinyl flooring solution.
  4. How long is the warranty for vinyl office floors?
    The standard warranty for a vinyl office floor that we install ourselves is 10 years. Allowing Pentafloor to install it ensures that the workmanship clause in your warranty is fully covered as we are experts in installing liquid vinyl flooring.
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