Modular SolidFeel Range: FNB @Parkside, Namibia

PentaFloor is proud to have supplied the access flooring for Namibia’s first 5-Star Green Star As-Built rated building, FNB Namibia Holdings @Parkside – the first 5-Star As-Built rated building in Namibia and Africa outside of South Africa.

WSP Building Services Africa was the green building consultant on the project. “The As-Built rating verifies that the building has been optimised to perform in the most efficient way possible, ensuring that the efforts put into design are carried through to completion,” says Gregory Rice, Sustainability Consultant at WSP.

WSP worked closely with FNB Namibia Holdings to identify opportunities for optimising the sustainability of the building. This included targeting points under the Innovation category of the Green Star SA Office v1.1 rating tool for the use of a Modular Flooring System. This sustainability initiative is currently outside the scope of the targeted Green Star rating tool (Office) and has a substantial environmental benefit in terms of integrated planning and the afterlife of products that are installed in the building.

The use of modular flooring minimises the impact of replacing flooring systems throughout the lifecycle of the building. Says Rice, “The costs of both changing and maintaining flooring can be exceptionally high in traditionally planned buildings, which subsequently affects the extraction of the raw material pool in order to constantly keep up with demand. It is therefore imperative that newly constructed or retrofitted buildings consider this during the design stage, to avoid constant material change cost and added strain on natural resources.

“Access flooring is a floor placed upon a floor, creating an accessible plenum for the distribution of building services such as power, heating and cooling services. The type of access flooring used for this project is made from at least 30% recyclable content and can also be recycled. This provides a fundamental environmental benefit as it reduces the use of raw materials to produce the product, which subsequently reduces generation of energy associated with manufacturing the product.”

The SolidFeel range of flooring is flexible and durable, allowing for churn within organisations and the accommodation of new tenants during the building’s lifespan. The materials can be disassembled and reused or recycled, resulting in low life cycle costs. In this way, the FNB @Parkside building will produce minimal waste associated with flooring systems while subsequently saving costs associated with replacing flooring systems over time.

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