Shaw Contract’s HAVEN takes a Gold at Neocon!

We shape our places, and our places shape us…

Traditional wisdom tells us there is no place like home. But what if home was not simply a place but a state of mind?

Shaw Contract has recently launched the Haven collection. Showcased at Clerkwenwell Design Week 2018 and at NeoCon 2018, Haven reimagines home as a mood or idea intimately tied to our instinctual desire to feel grounded in the world. Haven uses colour, texture and pattern to conjure the warmth of home in all the places we visit.

Haven draws its inspiration from the qualities we associate with home – comfort, well-being, warmth, softness and a profound sense of place. In design and construction, it evokes the supple texture of a favourite sweater or a graceful woven fabric.

The patterns in the Haven line are designed to maximum versatility. Bold or understated, monochromatic or multi-coloured, Haven provides endless opportunities for creative expression, and brings the feeling of home to all the places life takes us.

“We develop design solutions not merely by researching trends but by placing those trends in the context of broader cultural shifts. We see design as an expression of the way we live today. The Haven collection celebrates the increasing fluidity between our work life and our home life,” says John Crews, Design Manager, Lifestyle Studio at Shaw Contract.

Haven’s plank carpet tiles provide the tools to create a specific sense of place in an endless array of settings. In workplace, hospitality and education applications, these products are design to complement one another, weaving a coherent narrative of colour and pattern that is unique to the Haven collection.

Custom tiles lay the groundwork for an inspiring hotel experience from check in to check out. Designers can customise both colours and patterns. With plush cut-and-loop construction, Haven custom carpet tile can lay the perfect foundation for a comfortable guest room experience.

Haven won GOLD for best modular flooring product at NeoCon in Chicago, which was held from 11-13 June 2018.

To request a Sample Folder and more information on Haven, please email us at

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