Shaw explores Workplace Design Trends

The design of workplaces has evolved significantly in the last decade in line with the demand for more flexible and sustainable interiors. In this article, Marcy Ewing, Global Studio Design Director at Shaw Contract, shares key considerations when designing with carpet tiles.

Marcy Ewing, Global Studio Design Director at Shaw Contract: “A key theme for workspace interiors today is the desire for flexibility. Office environments with open office systems are designed for and associated with flexibility, to accommodate frequent layout changes. A modular flooring system such as carpet tiles can be quickly adapted to changing needs, reducing the costs of reorganisation and allowing for greater design flexibility.

“The growing trend towards flexible working practises includes a move to part-time work and a growing number of workers becoming self-employed. To retain employee talent, organisations are recognising the important role of the workplace itself and are looking to find ways to make offices more comfortable and inviting.”

Download the full article here.

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